Dog Life Jacket

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Safety is a must. Let your dog have this UK Dog Life Vest

Dog Life Jacket Features

  • Unique, ultra-buoyancy foam is strategically positioned within the vest to keep your dog in its natural swimming position at all times.
  • Has an ergonomic carry handle.
  • High strength D-Buckle anchor point.
  • Contains a super-soft neoprene lining.
  • Made with a heavy-duty polyester construction.
  • High visibility reflective piping for added safety.


A life jacket for your dog is not just another accessory; it's an important part of an overall safety program during the summer and is recommended for any pet that spends time around bodies of water and, especially, on boats.

Dogs are great swimmers, but even the best paddlers can’t swim for long, and should an unfortunate disaster occur while out at sea, your dog would have no better chance of swimming to safety than you would.

Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available - This UK Best dog life jacket has again set the benchmark for K9 products. The life jacket has been designed and extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible. The unique ultra-buoyancy foam is strategically positioned within the vest to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times. Unlike other vests, the dog life jacket does not hinder your dogs' natural movement and can be quickly and easily fastened and removed.

    Dog Life Jacket Size Guide

    Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
    SIZE     Chest         Neck      Back Length
    XXS    28-37cm    19-27cm        15cm
    XS     30-42cm     25-35cm        21cm
    S       41-53cm    36-47cm         26cm
    M      45-63cm    40-48cm         30cm
    L       50-75cm    42-54cm         35cm
    XL     70-95cm    50-71cm         45cm
    XXL   88-124cm   62-90cm        48cm
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