1 Microblading Tattoo Eyebrow Pen

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This high-quality eyebrow tattoo pen fills in your eyebrows with natural hair-like strokes that last up to 24 hours!

Enhance your brows with this lightweight easy to wear, long-lasting, natural, smudge-proof, gel based formula!

Available in 4 shades to suit your preference. With its fork-tip brush, work through short, light strokes. Then, blend and gently groom the color through your brow for the perfect natural finish.

Works great for thinning, sparse eyebrows, and even in covering scars in the brow area.

Get precise hair-looking strokes, and transform your brows effortlessly!


  • Fork-tip brush for precise application.
  • Gel-based brow tint
  • Water-resistant

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Microblading Tattoo Eyebrow Pen