925 Sterling Silver Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring

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■    Show-stopping Cut Stone
■    Stunning halo design ring 
■   925 Sterling silver bridal set


Imagine Love Bridal Ring

Imagine the perfect ring...It’s yours with the Imagine Love Bridal Ring.


  • Designed with intricate details, this stunning rings set are bound to turn heads.
  • For maximum sparkle, the sterling silver ring features a large cut cubic zirconia which is surrounded by a halo of smaller simulated diamonds.
  • The ultimate in bridal jewellery, this ring design is without a doubt, a show stopping piece.
  • The sides of the ring are also heavily encrusted in round cut cubic zirconia in a linked claw setting.
  • Featuring sterling silver loops, the ring sparkles effortlessly and features two round cut simulated diamonds within each eye-shaped detail for perfect elegance.


  • Shape\pattern: Geometric
  • Brand Name: CC&BYX
  • Surface Width: 3.5mm,9mm,7mm
  • Occasion: Engagement
  • Material: Cubic Zirconia
  • Vintage: Rings For Women

YANHUI-Nueva-Llegada-925-Anillos-De-Bodas-De-Plata-S-lida-3ct-Princesa-corte-Diamant-MicroYANHUI-Nueva-Llegada-925-Anillos-De-Bodas-De-Plata-S-lida-3ct-Princesa-corte-Diamant-Micro (1)YANHUI-Nueva-Llegada-925-Anillos-De-Bodas-De-Plata-S-lida-3ct-Princesa-corte-Diamant-Micro (2)YANHUI-Nueva-Llegada-925-Anillos-De-Bodas-De-Plata-S-lida-3ct-Princesa-corte-Diamant-Micro (3)YANHUI-Nueva-Llegada-925-Anillos-De-Bodas-De-Plata-S-lida-3ct-Princesa-corte-Diamant-Micro (4)


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