Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cupping Cup Silicone Set of 4

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A Chinese traditional medicine tool which is suitable for everyone!

This Cupping set can reduce fatigue and improve your physical well-being, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immune ability.

Its good at curing scapulohumeral periarthritis, waist-leg disease, rheumatism, etc.


  • Environmental protection material silicone, no undesirable stimulation to skin.
  • The technique is safe and credible, no infection and pain in treating diseases.
  • Easy to operate, can cup by yourself anytime and anywhere, easy to clean.
  • Through the cupping, can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immune ability.
  • Help you to remove eye wrinkles and lose weight. Can be used at any parts of body.


With this high-quality cupping set, you can enjoy soothing and healthy applications at home. The set contains 5 cups in different sizes ensure a targeted application all over the body. The application is simple and secure.

Thanks to different size cups, you can enjoy with this set another health-conscious value. The robust material allows a hygienic application. Cupping has a positive effect on the immune system and the blood circulation.

Health Benefits of Cupping

Strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood circulation

Easy and painless application at home

Cupping: an effective healing method with long tradition

The millennium-old healing method cupping has already been used in the world-famous Chinese medicine 2.000 years ago, over 5.000 years ago in Mesopotamia and also in the classical antiquity by Greek and Egyptian doctors. Cow horns were once used as an aid for cupping.

With this set, you can safely and above all effectively use the healing process at home, while the robust plastic lenses ensure maximum hygiene and safety. The generated negative pressure stimulates the blood circulation. Also known are bloody cupping and fire cupping: cupping glasses are therefore placed on the skin in a warm state.

This modern and flexible set is designed for health-conscious people who want to feel better. Enjoy the simple and safe use of health-promoting and stress-reducing time-outs in everyday life.


Keep your well-being in your own hands with this set

Since thousands of years: enjoy cupping in a modern form

You can test with this high-quality set at home what has been able to stimulate the health in a lot of cultures for thousands of years. Very quickly, you will feel the pleasant effects of the produced negative pressure. Please note the instructions for contraindications and in case of doubt ask your doctor before the application.



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