Beauty Mini Miracle Eye Massager

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Relax and Unwind with our NEW Miracle Eye Massager!

  • Reduce the appearance of under eye bags
  • Improve skin circulation and skin tone through massage
  • Signs of fatigue appear reduced
  • Dark circles appear reduced
  • Eye contour appear more refined
  • Refreshes the eye area while massaging
  • Enhance the experience of our Revitalising Eye Massager which targeted design helps you apply with the spatula end and massage with the rollerball. Follow the Flick and Twist Eye Massage Technique for best results.
Rejuvenation for Tired eyes
  • With numerous muscles at work to keep your blinkers on, its no wonder that your eyes show the earliest signs of ageing. Unlike skin found everywhere else on our body, the skin around the eyes doesn't hydrate itself. Added to the fact that we are always wearing out our skin with scrunching, yawning and laughing.
  • The great news is that you don't need to stifle any giggles. Instead you can stimulate the blood circulation around your eyes with our compact and beautifully ergonomic eye massager. By doing so, you'll be kick-starting the oxygen and nutrients needed to combat the symptoms of tired eyes like wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness

Wake Up Tired Eyes

  • Time to give your tired and strained eyes a wakeup call with the new Eye Massager. Using sonic vibration and a soothing warmth, an eye massager makes the perfect little pick me up addition to your morning and evening skincare regime.

How To Use

  • After removing any eye make-up, a great way to boost your eye massage is to apply a small amount of your favourite eye cream or light moisturiser to the area (taking care not to get too close to the lash line).
  • Holding the device by the stem, gently apply the handheld device in circular motions to encourage the cream to absorb and rejuvenate your skin.

Smart Sensor

Satisfyingly simple to use, just keep your finger over the smart sensor and place the massage head against your upper cheekbone. The smart sensor responds immediately. No buttons, no switches, just a relaxing massage to refresh tired eyes.

Package includes: 1 x Infuser Bottle


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