Bioaqua Carbonated Bubble Clay Face Mask

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  • Bioaqua skin care sleep treatment mask whitening hydration stickers cleansing blackheads remover cosmetics face masks anti ageing
  • Ultra Face mask,
  • Upgrade your skin care routine with our deep clean face mask,
  • Hydrate and moisturise your skin
  • Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask bubble activation whitens your skin leaving it fresh and flawless
  • The activating bubbles will seep deep into your pores and gently exfoliate your skin
  • Good Smell: It contains a very fresh and pleasant scent. When you apply it to your face, the carbonated bubbles will gently massage the pores.
  • Make Your Face Soft: Apply a little mask on your face, wait for the bubbles to activate, then massage and rinse your face! After use, your face will be softly, smoothly, cleaning.
  • Can Be Used For A Long Time: It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week; the results of this mask will be long-lasting.


Main Ingredients

Water, Glycerin, Avocado, Acid Hyaluronic, Witch Hazel Extract

Net weight


Product efficacy

  • rich foam, adding carbon mud absorbency,
  • absorbs skin dirt and excess oils,
  • removes dead skin cells and leave your face with detox skin

How to use

  • Apply some mask behind ears to test your skin for any allergies
  • Apply this product on face evenly (avoid skin around eyes)
  • Wait and relax 
  • Gently massage the foam and cover the face evenly, massage gently
  • Apply water to wet the skin and massage for another one minute,
  • Wash and rinse off the residue mask
  • Check out the amazing results! 


Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Cleanse pore   Nourish skin    Carbonated mask




Name: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Net: 100g

Life time: 3 years

Efficacy: Cleanse pore, hydrate and moisturize, nourish skin, cleanse makeup


Old/New pack, same quality, random delivery, refuse notes, please understand !

Old package    New package


You skin is very”worrying”

Black carbon mud

Cleanse skin dirt


Hydrate and moisturize skin

“Fine foam      Fine skin”




Activate skin   Skin is more moist !

Cleansing skin  No residue

Carbonated foam   Skin is tender and smooth






Botanical extract   Nourish&tender skin

Rich in various botanical elements

1 nourishing   hydrate and whiten, tender skin

2 carbonated mask   cleanse oil, rich foam, cleanse pore dirt

3 cleansing   carbonated foam cleanse skin

4 comfortable       nourish and care skin, tender and smooth skin



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