Body Building Water Dumbbell Weight

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  • Fully adjustable resistance
  • Portable - great for vacations
  • Fill with water to desired weight & start your workout!
  • With AquaBells Travel Weights you can maintain your weight training while you travel without overweight luggage!
  • At last, a portable gym that fits into your briefcase!


1. Suitable for women or children to lose weight or exercise.
2. 100% new quality materials, easy to design.
3. Adjustable weight, up to 850G after filling with water.
4. High quality PP/PE material, double cover design to avoid leakage.
5. Easy to carry, easy to move anywhere, anytime.

Water filled dumbbells, you can adjust the weights of the dumbbells according to the amount of water.

Light and easy to carry, ready to use.

Spiral type waterproof cover, built-in silicone sealing plug, 

double leakproof, greatly reducing the possibility of water leakage.

High quality PE material, wear resistant and anti-aging.
Anti-rolling design to avoid rolling caused by ground tilt or external force.
850G after filling with water

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