Belecoo Rocking Multi-Function Next To Me Crib

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Sleep safely, feed easily and be even closer with the all-new bedside crib. Boasting a stunning new look and brand new features, making it the perfect sleep solution 

  • Authoritative organization two-factor authentication
  • Paint-free multifunctional crib
  • Configuration: fixed seat belt, diaper table, music bell, shelf, rocker, ordinary mattress
  • Function: foldable, height adjustable, portable, with roller, game bed
  • Material: aluminum alloy, oxford cloth, PP plastic
  • Age: first floor -1-6 years old, second floor -0-3 years old
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Carrying capacity: one layer 60KG, two layers 20KG
  • Size: Expand 126 * 70 * 76CM Folding 80 * 23 * 20CM Second floor 126 * 23 * 28CM


Installation Notes

  1. First lift the short side to unfold, buckle it, and confirm whether it is buckled.
  2. Lift the long side to unfold and buckle, and confirm the same,
  3.  Press the middle hole part down to the end Note: When you press it, lift a short side and let the two feet off the ground. (The short side of one side of the bed is off the ground to prevent it from being pressed) the fourth step: Put 4 steel pipes and put them in the mattress.
  4. Lift function: Press the long-side buckle and adjust to the appropriate height. Roll up the bed and fasten it with a rope.
  5. Bed body storage: first step: Put your hand into the hole, press one hand down, and the other hand gently lift the middle rope.
  6. Remember: Be sure to lift the middle rope first and mention a certain height.
  7. Both hands gently press the lock in the middle of the long side at the same time. After hearing the squeaking sound, press down again, the same operation method on the short side. Note: Folding does not require too much force. If the folding is blocked, check the buckle. If it is stuck, you need to press it. third step: After pressing the four sides, move closer to the middle.
  8. Shaker rod installation: Fasten the two rockers underneath. When you don't need the shaker mode, you don't need to remove the rocker and fold it into the bed.
  9. Diaper table installation: 1. Lay the diaper table on the bed frame, 2. Set 2 buckled steel pipes and 2 bent pipes separately. Then fasten the two ends of the buckled steel pipe into the long curved pipe (note: the direction of the buckle should face inward) 3. The bottom of the diaper can be snapped onto the bed frame.
  10. Shelf installation: Put the buckle of the rack into the head of the bed. Music bell body: Just snap the buckle at the bottom of the music bell to the bedside bar.

Mattress not included

Material: Iron / Oxford / PP plastic
Expand Size: 126*70*76
Two-layer size: 126*60*28
fold: 80*23*20
Function: with roller, foldable, shaker, game bed
Product name: Multifunctional foldable baby bed
Load: 60 kg



100% Machine washable


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