Coffee Build-On Lego Mug

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Are you a constant fidget with a love of hot drinks? 

Then the Building Blocks Mug is the perfect solution. You can now build your mug into anything you like with this uniquely fun cup. Start off with the blank mug and decorate with the provided pieces. It's the perfect pass-time for fidgeters and is guaranteed to impress at the office!


This is an interesting mug with exterior building surface. A coffee mug and construction set all in one! Drinking coffee while building something is really a wonderful thing. 



  • Material: food grade nontoxic plastic
  • A cup comes with a bag of accessories (3-4 blocks random).
  • There are standard interfaces on cup's body and handle. You simply choose blocks that you like, attach the block on the mug and create the unique mug cup.
  • Capacity: about 350 ml



  • This product can withstand 100 degrees centigrade, but can not be put in microwave and dishwasher. 
  • Please wash it by hand!


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