Compact Portable Weekly Pill Organizer

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This is a pill box and the pillbox is very handy and portable. If you make a trip or go to work, you can use the box.


  • Portable: The pill box is light and fine. That's why the box is very portable. If you make a trip or go to work, you can use the box.

  • Practical: The box has also large capacity and also has many subjects and you can put different pills in the pill box. Also you can put the pills after the appointment.

  • Non-toxic: The pill box is non-toxic and has no harm to human health.

  • Heat resistant and waterproof: The pill box is heat resistant and you can use the pill box at high temperature. In addition, the box is also waterproof. So you can not worry.


  • It has seven portable trays, each with four labeled compartments to coordinate pills and vitamins by time of day
  • Never miss a dosage - every pill has its place for the entire week. 
  • Easily slide out the tray you need for the day and the next day's tray automatically drops into place. 
  • Once your done with the tray, fill it back up with your pills and vitamins, remove the cover and drop in back in.  
  • 4 normal sized capsules fit comfortably in each compartment, morning, noon, evening and bed.
  • 7 portable trays conveniently stack on top of each other.

  • Organize your pills and vitamins.
  • Store in your kitchen or on your bathroom counter
  • Sealing, high temperature resistance, waterproof and light weight
  • Strong corrosion resistance, no acid and alkali reaction


  • Material: environmentally friendly ABS
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 200G
  • Size: 16CM * 11CM * 7CM
  • Package: 1 * Pill box
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