Electric Griddle Pancake Baking Crepe Maker Frying Pan Pizza Machine Frying Pan

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Electric Griddle Pancake Baking Crepe Maker Pan Pizza Machine  

Chocolate sauce and fruit, honey and yoghurt, maple syrup and bacon… No matter what your favourite flavour is, whipping up a batch of delicious pancakes for the kids or a tasty snack for yourself has never been easier with our electric Mini Pancake Maker.

Whether you prefer fluffy American or paper-thin crêpe-style pancakes, the compact design of this smart silver machine and the simple one-step set-up helps you cook quickly and conveniently, with less mess to clean up. The non-stick cooking surface is just the right size for mini pancakes and heats up quickly, making short work of your breakfast pancake order!

Once you’ve eaten your fill, simply wipe the non-stick cooking plate to clean it with no fuss, while the machine’s dinky size means it can be stored neatly in a small cupboard or drawer when not in use.

√ 600W power, intelligent temperature control
√ Automatic power off to prevent dry burning
√ Coating on the surface to prevent sticking to food
√ Easy to use
√ Long handle, no heating hands
√ Even heating
√ PP material Batter tray
√ 20 seconds to make a pancake

How to use:

1. Mix flour with water and eggs (add sugar, salt or other seasonings)
2. Stir batter to make it uniform
3. Open the pancake machine and warm it up for 4 minutes. Holding the pancake machine, the front evenly pastes the top paste
4.5 When the pancake is formed and baked,
6. the pancake machine is face down and the pancakes are moved to a tray

Package Includes :

1 x Electric Pancake Crepe Maker
1 x Batter Tray
1 x  Egg Beater



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