Orthopedic Pillow

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The Giantex Rest Pillow has two firm cores to keep your head and neck in the correct position while you sleep.


  • The Orthopedic pillow is one of our most popular. With a lower and a higher side they can be easily adapted to the right depth for you. Keeping your neck supported all night long.
  • Pain and discomfort can be relieved by gently supporting tense muscles helping you to sleep soundly and awake refreshed.
  • One of the unexpected things about the Pillow is that the foam is soft whilst still being supportive. 
  • Often when you think of a contoured orthopaedic pillow you expect that is is going to be firm and hard.  This is not the case with the Orthopedic Giantex pillow.  Even the memory foam has a softness to it.
  • We supply the Pillows as we personally use them, and can vouch for their superior comfort and support.They do come with a cotton cover which can be removed and washed. Personally we pop ours inside of a pillowcase.  The standard sized pillows are slightly smaller than a pillow case.  
  • The pillows have been designed to meet the two most important requirements of an orthopaedic pillow comfort and support. The Pillow has two firm cores to keep your head and neck in the correct position while you sleep.
    • Unique Combination of Soft Base Material and Firm Support Cores
    • One Low Side and One High Side for Different Anatomical Needs
  • CFC Free & Allergy Tested.


  • Material:
    • Pillow: 90% natural latex
    • inner pillowcase: 100% polyester(mesh cloth)
  • Colour: White
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Size: 50*30*8/9cm
  • Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm
Package Content: 1 x pillow (with inner pillowcase)


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