High Quality Portable Electric Clothes Dryer 800W

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Dry your clothes indoors quickly and easily with no damage in under an hour! The Air Dry is so convenient, so easy to use, so affordable, and so necessary.

It will pay for itself in no time!  With the Air Dry you just put the clothes in, plug in the specially designed hot air blower and they come out soft and gently dried. You don't even need to iron!

Your clothes come out wrinkle-free, so you can wear them right out of the machine or just put them directly in your cupboard.

Because of the gentle blow-drying convection technology, the Air Dry is a must for drying hand wash only delicates such as baby clothes and even silks! It's also ideal for wools and suit jackets. Youll save a fortune on dry-cleaning bills!  


Item Specifics:

Material: Nylon

Color: Blue

Power: 800W

Power: 220V / 50HZ


Heater / Dryer / Hangers / Efficient Sterilization

Size: 50 * 50 * 90cm

Size Folded: 29 * 29 * 7cm

Packing Size: 30* 30* 15cm


After drying water the drying time:

Shirt, T-shirt --30 to 60 minutes

Suit trousers --50 to 90 minutes

Jeans, jackets --80 to 120 minutes


  •  Drying process to avoid friction between pleated wrinkled clothes, the clothes do not wear, do not shrink.
  • Avoid the traditional drying clothes fade easily hidden. Any material suitable clothing. Prevent secondary pollution: clothing and the outside world, no dust, insects, bacteria invade.
  • Sterilization effect: When the dryer is working properly, the internal temperature up to 70 degrees, sterilization 99.3%.
  • Use Tubular 360 oversized three-dimensional angle air supply, with large amount of wind, blowing wide area, drying speed and so on. Folding: large capacity, small size, light weight, easy handling, easy to carry, to save space.
  • Ease of travel, travel. Energy-saving, automatic adjustment: Compared with similar products, energy saving 50%.
  • Drying time can be set automatically. Fast, safe: drying time of just 20 to 60 minutes. Constant temperature heating process is safe and reliable. Multipurpose:
  • Also for drying shoes, hats, infant supplies, any desired drying clothes and other leather products. All accessories can be accommodated in a handbag may be provided, making it easy to carry and storage.
  • After drying, clothes do not need ironing. When not used as a clothes closet, storage cabinets satisfied. 

Package Included:

1 x Motor (Original Packet)

1 x Outer nylon structure

1 x Carrying bag

1 x Elongated hanger(With 8 Clothespins)

1 x Round hanger(With 9 Clothespins)

3 x Laundry Rack

4 x Non-Slip Mats

1 x Instruction




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