Magic Love Braclet Rose Gold I love you Projection in 100 languages

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Show someone special how much you love them with our Magic Love Bracelet!

Looking for the perfect gift for a special someone? Look no further! This magical piece of jewellery will be sure to make your partner feel special & loved. The Magic Love Bracelet stands as a token of your appreciation and love you have for each other.  This gift will ensure that your love is always with them where ever they go.

The special bracelet features a super cute pendant in the centre that when shined a light on, projects the words 'I LOVE YOU' in 100 different languages, brightening that special someone's day.


Magic Love Bracelet


  • A gift that tells of your LOVE in 100 LANGUAGES!
  • Light Illumination Technology — Placed before a bright light or your phone, the pendant will project your love in more ways than one. 
  • Wonderfully and aesthetically embellished with ruby-inscribed numerals and a beautiful zircon pendant.
  • Carefully crafted 3-dimensional geometric modelling.
  • Lead-Free, Nickel-Free, Cadmium-Free Durable Material
  • Designed sleek and unique, with a touch of splendid elegance!
  • A classic yet modern concept at the same time!
  • The perfect gift for your wife, daughter, aunt, grandma, friend, girlfriend, or best friend on anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and any other day that’s special or just out of the blue.



Magic Love Bracelet

  1. Open your smartphone's camera app.
  2. Align the convex surface of the pendant with your phone's camera lens.
  3. You can now enjoy seeing the miniature engravings on your phone's screen. Lovely!



Magic Love Bracelet

  1. Run your phone's flashlight function. Note that any other bright lighting device will do aside from your phone.
  2. Align the face of the pendant with the light.
  3. Project the light shadow onto a black or white background. Enjoy!


  • Material: Stainless steel + zirconia 



  • 1 X Necklace 


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