Mum and Baby Inflatable Float Boat

  • £32.99
  • Save £14.74

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Ever wished that you could swim with your babies?

Introducing this special design swim seat, now you can see the delight on your babies face when they are playing in the pool!

  • You can float along freely with your baby.
  • Rest in the arms of the inflatable as your baby enjoys the attached spinning, colorful rings. 
  • There is a super comfortable seat back and bucket seat, perfectly designed to fit you both. 
  • It also allows your little one to freely kick their legs, building water confidence and trust. 
  • They are going to love having fun in the water and you are going to love seeing them smile.
  • Suitable for babies aged 1-3, made with 100% safe Eco-friendly PVC. 

A great way to spend quality pool time together!

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