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  • Simply add water, insert the paw, twist the cup, then dab the paw dry for a quick and deep clean.
  • The silicone bristles gently remove dirt, mud, and chemicals from your pet¡¯s sensitive paws to keep those muddy paw prints off your floor.
  • Materials: This product is non-toxic environmental protection, recyclables, safe and reliable.
  • Easy to Clean - This cup can be detachable. After using, you can pour out the dirty water and clean the cup and silicone brush;
  • Cup is machine washable


The Safest and Most Effective Way To Clean Your Dogs Feet is with this Clever, Pet Paw Cleaner! 

Did you know that over 2 million people each year get sick from bacteria that was present on their dog's paws? The unfortunate truth is, each day your dog walks through dirt, trash, urine and even feces and then, they track all of these dangerous germs right back into your home or car, around your family and even into your bed! YUCK!

There is good news, however! With the Pet Paw Cleaner, you'll never have to worry about your adventurous pup's dirty paws again! Now, your best friend can have all the outdoor fun it wants, without tracking harmful bacteria into your home or vehicle. 

The Pet Paw Cleaner features soft, thick, silicone bristles inside of an easy-to-grip, BPA-free tumbler that works like a small agitation washer as it cleans your pet's paws. To use, simply fill the cup with water, insert your dog's dirty paw, give the cup a few twists and pull out a perfectly clean paw. You can repeat two or three more times, if necessary, then dab them dry and you're good to go!

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