Sevich hair color wax hair dye permanent hair colors cream unisex strong hold grandma grey disposable pastel dynamic hairstyles

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  • MATTE TEXTURE - Sevich Hair Color Clay Dye suitable to build a Low-shine style with the color you like, Can modeling the Color matte hairstyle. Very good for the Thicken hair, no sticky, greasy. with 7 color
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - The main material is Beeswax, natural color, The auxiliary components are extracted naturally and do not contain any toxic chemical components.There is no damage to the origin of the hair or the scalp.
  • EASY To USE - The hair color product is fresh and natural. Can activate the Vitality of hair easily on the hair with finger, your modelling can hold a whole day. Suitable for daily use, Party, Stage Performance.
  • EASY To CLEAN - Sevich's matte molding cream can be easily washed off of your hair with a daily shampoo, no special reagents required.The hair can be reshaped after drying. You can change your hairstyle at any time what you like.

Sevich hairstyle product. Our Color Hair Clay product are more nature and stable, The active components were extracted from plants. We focus on the production of products suitable for daily use, in line with the most suitable for daily life habits.

  • Suitable for:unisex adult, young teenager, to the party, show,daily use. 
  • Style:Sevich Hair Color Clay. 

Use Tips. 
Wash your hair and dry well, Take a good amount of the color clay the palm of your hand. Wipe the clay on your finger evenly, apply your hairs with your finger. Styling your hair which you want, The color will dye in the hair immediately. (wash it just like you normally do with warm water or shampoo) 

  • Package: 1 x 100g/3.57 Oz/Bottle

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