Car Speedometer Projector Heads Up Display

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Keep your head up driving in every moment, the Speedometer Projector projects your speed and an OBD2 analysis right in front of your steering wheel! 

  • Keep your speed always below the limits and avoid accidents caused by not paying attention to the road with the new Speedometer Projector

  • Dashboard display shows your car speed at all times

  • Stops you from looking down or at your sat nav

  • Keep on top of speed cameras

Product Specifications:

1. Multiple functions: Speed, water temperature, voltage, satellite numbers, driving distance
2. Decorative lights: all LED in,you can freely push right to turn off
3. Light sensor: HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment
4. Speed unit: KM/H=kilometer/hour, MPH=Mile/hour
5. Unit icons: V=battery voltage, C=Celsius, F=Fahrenheit, OBD system, GPS system
6. RPM icon: It is engine speed in OBD mode, and speed progress bar in GPS mode.



Why you should buy this? 

    • Prevent accidents from distracting on checking your speed.
    • Alarm functions will alert you if something is going wrong.
    • Avoid being fined for driving at high speed.
    • Amazing design that projects in your windshield.
Package Includes:


  • 1 * HUD Main Unit
  • 1 * OBD2 Cable
  • 1 * Non-slip Mat
  • 1 * Reflective film
  • 1 * User Manual

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