Ultimate Cat Dental Toy

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10% of domestic cats die each year due to oral infection or periodontal diseases...

If you are a responsible owner, you know that it is important to clean your pet's teeth. Especially as they grow older and tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth!

The NEW Dental Toy is designed for cats ONLY to clean their teeth, massage the gum and prevent depression.


It's an EASY, FUN & EFFORTLESS way to clean your cat's teeth as the catnip smell in the toothbrush catches the pet's interest so that it will clean its teeth while chewing this toy!

  1. Cleans Cats Teeth & Massages their Gums to keep them healthy.
  2. Multiple Functions: Chewing this toy can help your cats clean their teeth and remove the oral odor.
  3. Keeps Cats Away from Depression, boring emotions: You can use it to tease your cats, making them happy and solve the boredom. In general, cats will recover their health as soon as possible when the cat is in a sluggish mood.

    Characteristics :

    • Color: Pink, Blue, White
    • Size: 17.4*2.7cm
    • Weight: 40g
    • Made out of, non-toxic plastic to ensure your cat's health, and which makes it eco-friendly

    Package includes :

    • 1*cat toothbrush


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