Ultimate Pet Tumbler Game

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  • This food dispenser is a good funny pet foraging toy. It can let your pets see, smell hear it and find the food inside the toy.It can arouse the interest and the appetites of your pets!
  • If your pets want to eat the food in the toy, your pets need to figure out how to get the food. In this process, they will become smarter.
  • Build-inside slow food structure design can control the cat feeding speed, limited the amount of treats, prolong cat feeding, digest treats better and keep healthy physical body effectively. This product slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating. Last but not the least, it can exercise the IQ of your pets, reduce anxious mood and diet control.
  • The lovely and unique design can let your pets love and play it.Excellent design can arouse your pets' mentally stimulation, curiosity and physically active for fun.


Package Include:

Interactive Toy * 1



Please don't add food which the diameter is greater than 15mm or adhesive, cutlet and cookie.


2   4-1   4   6   3   7-2   8


  • for small cats:
  • 8.5cm high, 6cm in diameter
  • Cat bones: 11cm long, 4.5cm in diameter
  • Weight: small 63g, bone 23g
  • Material: PC / ABS / iron
  • Applicable type: cat or dogs 

Function :

It can stimulate cats' hunting instinct effectively and make them fall in love with the interesting pursuing game.


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