Zipsoft Microfiber Quick Drying Towels for Beach Gym Travel Yoga

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When backpacking to anywhere in the world, or even when staying at home, having a clean towel is a must – both a privilege and a right. 

You might be thinking towels are usually readily available at hostels or hotels for free or for rent but can you really trust the cleanliness of these offered towels?

One great traveling (and hygiene) tip we can offer is to always have a couple of facial and bath towels in your backpack. While sharing can be fun with most things, a shared towel isn’t one. So when preparing your packing list, make sure you include one of these microfiber towels for your next trip.

Why? Just by the term "microfiber" anyone should get the idea that this type of towel has fine strands which are approximately half as fine as the human hair. 

Also in general, microfiber towels are soft, water absorbent, quick-dry, lightweight and extremely reliable.

Ideal for traveling, gym, yoga classes or use at home! 

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